It is through the collaborative relationships that we build with one another that we transform challenges into opportunities.

2020 Holiday Message

Last year the message closed with, “From your board of directors, may you enjoy this Holiday Season, reflect on the Year we have had and plan for a prosperous 2020”, who saw this coming. In many ways this was the year to forget but it has taught us lessons we may have never learned without going through it. For those of us that had a pandemic plan in place it showed where we were lacking attention and for others, how we could adapt to an ever-changing world of restrictions, precautions, and procedures.

For many years we enjoyed each other’s company during the monthly meetings whether we discussed world problems, the troubles with the fleet we maintain or the bad driver you just followed down Fairway Road. The times we joked about Basil winning the nightly draw again, Brenda having troubles with the microphone, Jake’s joke of the month or me stumbling to get the words out. Let us not forget the memories, but in time we will hopefully get back to where we were, with industry connections that help us with problems, solutions, education or just to let us know they are there if we need them.

Your Board of Directors have chosen to waive the membership fees for 2021 in respect to those members that paid for year of 2020 do not pay again. At this time, we cannot forecast when our meetings will resume next year but we will keep you updated of the possibility.

In this year of uncertainty, we can still be thankful during this festive time of year with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner. For those that have suffered a loss of family, friend, colleague, or neighbor, we express our sympathy and wish you the best during this difficult time of year.

In closing, the Board of Directors thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this difficult time. Remember to follow the guidelines set out by the Municipal, Regional and Provincial Ministries of Health to keep you and yours safe. Let us stay positive, reflect on a year of challenges with hopes that 2021 will be the year we resume many of the freedoms we enjoyed. Stay safe.


Glen Spencer

Vernon Erb Passes

Vernon Erb passes, one of the founding members of this association. Read the article from

2019 Apprentice of the Year

Troy Burnett from Laidlaw Carriers.

Truck World

CANCELLED - as of August 13, 2020.

TMTA Donation to Food4Kids Waterloo Region

At the September 2019 meeting Food4Kids Waterloo Region was presented with a $1000 donation from TMTA Waterloo Region. In the photo, Brenda Alderson, Kelly-Sue Oberle and Glen Spencer.

Food4Kids Waterloo Region provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 14 years and under, with limited or no access to food each weekend. Packages of healthy food are prepared by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend.

There are thousands of children throughout Waterloo Region ,who struggle through each weekend without food.

Help fight severe food insecurity in our community! When kids leave school for the weekend, they should not have to worry about how they will be fed.


The purpose is to provide information and expert advice by manufacturers, to people responsible for the maintenance of trucking fleets. (A fleet being five or more Heavy Trucks.) Membership is open to fleet superintendents and those with a primary interest in the maintenance and care of truck fleets. Regular Membership is open to someone that works in the trade, Associate and Affiliate Membership is open to original equipment manufacturers and allied industry suppliers. The membership meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month except in July and August. Each meeting begins with dinner and is followed with a presentation by the sponsor of the month. These interesting presentations provide information about products that the sponsors endorse. A question and answer period will conclude each presentation. The meetings run from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., with supper at 7:00 P.M. In addition to our regular meeting, other functions such as golf tournaments, bus trips to various manufacturing plants and trade shows are organized.